Annotated Bibliography

About the Annotated Bibliography Assignment

The Annotated Bibliography assignment will support and inform your semester-long projects. You will be so glad you wrote one! Before researchers can write about a topic, they need to get a sense of the “conversation” around the topic. What has already been said? What experiences and data have already been documented? How have different speakers and communities already framed and researched this issue? By writing an annotated bibliography, you can create a snapshot of the current conversation around the issue you are investigating. Having the Annotated Bibliography will be a huge help when you write your major projects.

An annotated bibliography is a written document that lists, summarizes, analyzes, and evaluates possible resources for a research project. As you begin researching your topic and gathering the sources that will be helpful in developing your proposal argument, you will document what you find in an annotated bibliography. It is during this pre-writing step that you will begin to discover what others have said about your topic, which ultimately will help you find and develop your overall argument and the evidence to support it.

Recent and Past Annotated Bibliography Projects

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