ENG 109/111

English 111 is a First-Year Writing class on composition and rhetoric. The term “composition” refers to not only writing in alphabetic texts, but also using multimodality and new media to craft and (re)present ideas. “Rhetoric” refers to the art, study, and practice of communication. In English 111, then, you will practice rhetorical knowledge through writing various genres and communicating in diverse contexts. 

Like English 111, English 109 is a composition and rhetoric course. Geared toward multilingual writers, English 109 focuses on writing across difference. You will particularly learn to draw upon and transform your knowledge and experiences in other cultures, languages, and communities to inform and enhance your writing performances in English. 

In both English 111 and English 109, your instructor will ask you to explore composition and rhetoric in a variety of ways, from the personal narrative, analysis essay, and argumentative research paper, to genres like games, mixtapes, and websites. Through four major projects, or inquiries, you will learn how ideas are developed and supported, reflect upon your own rhetorical choices, and develop critical awareness about the effectiveness and consequences of words, writing, and communication. 

What you will learn in English 111 or 109 is not limited to the classroom. By developing your skills in composition and becoming acquainted with rhetorical concepts, you will be better prepared to read and write a variety of genres in your personal, professional, and extracurricular lives.