Optional Cumulative Reflection

Reflection, or looking back and critically thinking about your own writing, is a crucial component of the writing process. Reflection allows us to better understand the rhetorical choices we’ve made in our writing, as well as to apply lessons we’ve learned in previous pieces of writing to new projects. The following works were written by students from ENG 109 and ENG 111, reflecting on their work over the course of the semester. Although these students primarily examine their general progress as writers and changing conceptions of writing, keep in mind that you can also reflect on individual assignments and will be required to do so for each inquiry.

Take a look at “Revising Attitudes” in the Supplemental Readings and “Reflective Writing” in Rhethawks Resources for more information on how to write in this genre.

If you’re also interested in submitting your work to the Reflective Portfolio category, please go to https://miamioh.edu/cas/academics/departments/english/current-students/prizes-awards-scholarships/composition-awards/index.html

Note on curriculum change of ENG 111: Cumulative Reflection used to be Inquiry 5 of ENG 111. But starting with the year 2019-2020, ENG 111 will no longer require an Inquiry 5. Instead, we encourage ENG 111 to use portfolio assessment, as portfolios encourage deep revision and self-reflection, not only through the act of creating the portfolio, but also in the reflective letter that usually accompanies a portfolio.