Remediation Project

About the Remediation Project

For this major assignment, you will “remediate,” or transform, your Research-Based Proposal Argument essay into a multimodal text targeted to a specific audience. You will have more creative freedom while crafting this project, incorporating multiple forms of media you believe best represent your topic and argument and most effectively appeal to your target audience. Your multimodal text may include, in any combination, visual, audio, video, or interactive modalities. A writer of a successful Remediation project will select important quotes, facts, arguments, and information from previously written essays and transform them into either a digital or print-based multimodal text that is rhetorically effective for persuading your specific audience. The following student samples represent successful Remediation projects and writers’ reflections on their work.

If you’re interested in submitting your work to the Remediation category for publication consideration in next year’s Rhethawks, Google “Miami University Composition Awards” for the link to submit or use this direct link: https://miamioh.ed/cas/academics/
departments/english/current-students/prizes-awards-scholarships/composition-awards/index.html  Don’t forget to include a reflection on your writing process!

Recent and Past Remediation Projects

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