Public Service Announcements: Greek Life by Joy Belser

PSA 1- Positive (students)


My audience already knows that sororities and fraternities on campus get a bad reputation, but are curious about rushing on campus and what it entails.  My audience is interested in rushing, but is still unsure about what it is all about and how it will be beneficial to them.  My audience currently acts as they do because they are new to campus and have a lot of questions.  Their perceptions of Greek life are what they have heard from friends and the media, which show them in a negative light.  The objections they are likely to raise in response to my argument are why would Greek life be beneficial to them and how would it relate to their life.  The types of language I could use to identify with my audience are words that are easy to understand and more slang.  I am talking to students so I think that I should be as straightforward as I can, so I can get my message across easily.  Some information I could use to build a common ground with my audience would be to relate the subject to them.  If rushing is relevant to their life then they will consider getting involved.  Logical evidence that would appeal to my audience would be to give the number of how many people are involved in Greek life and how long Greek life has been around.  This would help my audience realize that this would be a beneficial thing to do.  This will also show them how big Greek life is at our school and make them want to be apart of it.  Emotional appeals that are most likely to persuade my audience would be to provide them with reasons for rushing that would benefit them.  Telling my audience that they would make friends and that a lot of people are involved would make them want to join.  If everyone is doing it, then they will want to too.

PSA 2- Negative (parents)


My audience already knows that the Greek life at Miami is under dispute and that they have been in trouble in the past, but they still believe that this activity would be beneficial to their children.  This is because being apart of a sorority and fraternity will help them network and get them jobs in the future.  My audience currently acts the way they do because they want what is best for their children and they believe that Greek life is a good experience for them.  They want their children to get involved on campus in something that will help their future.  If this activity is negative or a bad influence on their children, then they will not want their children to be apart of it.  Some objections that may arise would be that my argument is biased and that there is proof that being involved in Greek life will help students get jobs.  The type of language I should use in addressing my audience should be formal and there should be no use of slang.  I should use proper grammar and be appropriate when addressing the parents.  Information that I could use to build common ground with my audience is to talk to them about their children and how Greek life will affect them.  Parents are very concerned about their children’s future and trying to get what is best for them, so this will make parents listen to what I have to say.  Logical evidence that will help my argument will be to use actual quotes that people have said in response to the actions of the sororities and fraternities.  This will make what I am saying seem truthful, build my credibility, and will ultimately aid in my argument.  Emotional appeals that are most likely to persuade my audience would be to show how being apart of Greek life is negative and will damage their reputation and future.  As I said earlier, parents are concerned with their child’s well being and future activities, so if I show sororities and fraternities in a negative light then this will make them undesirable to parents.  This will therefore cause them to make their children not rush or get involved.

PSA 3- Solutions (school officials)


My audience is very educated on this subject and believes that something needs to be done about this situation.  My audience has already taken precautions to help Greek life and they believe that they have done enough.  However these new rules are not strict enough to cause the system to change for the better.  My audience acts the way they do because they need to protect their students and the school’s reputation.  They want to stop the negative behavior and begin the year with a clean slate.  Some objections that would most likely be raised in response to my argument would be that the school would have to spend more of their time regulating the Greek system as well as spending more money on educational programs.  The types of language I should use to be effect with my audience is the use of formal words.  I also should sound credible, so I should expand my vocabulary and make myself sound smart.  Logical evidence that are most likely to persuade my audience would be to provide other more beneficial solutions for the problem.  This will help me argue my opinion that they need stricter rules, so we can see a change.  Emotional appeals that would most likely persuade my audience would be to bash their current systems, therefore making them want to change and become more influential.

PSA 1: encouraging students to rush

**Inspiring upbeat music

Voice 1: “Scholarship and learning”

Voice 2: “Service and philanthropy”

Voice 3: “Leadership”

Voice 4: “Community”

Voice 5: “Brotherhood and Sisterhood”

Voice 1: “These are the principles that define what is Miami University’s Greek life”

Voice 2: “Over the past 175 years we have devoted ourselves to these ideals and will continue this dedication for years to come”

Voice 3: “The relationships you develop here will help you feel connected on campus and will provide you with a set group of friends for the next 4 years.

Voice 4: “Almost 1/3 of the student body is involved in Greek life, so you have access to networking as a freshman.”

Voice 1: “Join the tradition. Join the friendship. Join the leadership. Make a difference.”

Voice 5: “For more information on rushing and Miami’s Greek life call 513-529-1809 or visit the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Leadership.”


PSA 2: showing Greek life in a negative light to parents

Anti-Greek PSA

**Police sirens

**Dramatic/sad music

Voice 1: Last year 2 sororities were suspended for alcohol related practices along with another sorority and fraternity on probation for hazing and a trashing a hotel in Columbus.

Voice 2: Here are just some of the words or comments that people had to say about their behavior…

President Hodge: “I, President Hodge, believe these recent incidents of negative behavior are deeply troubling and embarrassing”

Voice 1: We are deeply disappointed in the choices made by several members of our chapter at Miami University

Alumni 1: “We are appalled at the students’ behavior.  My husband and I are graduates of Miami University, and we both agree that college students can drink and have a good time, but (the formal) … was a bunch of college students getting totally obliterated and behaving like immature children.”

Voice 2: Do you want your child to be affiliated with this kind of behavior? Do you want them to sacrifice their reputation for a good time?  Encourage your child to not rush this year.


PSA 3: the solution for school officials

**Positive inspiring music

Voice 1: Enough is enough, we need a change to our Greek life systems and your strong influence could be the potential difference we need in order to see this transformation happen.

Voice 2: Miami University’s school officials have tried to combat the negative behavior that surrounds our sororities and fraternities, but your effort is not enough.

Voice 3: Along with the new regulations you have already set up like security at off-campus socials, student sober monitors, and evening out the number of events with and without alcohol, you can step up and implement stricter practices.

Voice 4: These include new member education programs, hands-on philanthropy projects, and emphasizing chapter principles and purposes.

Voice 5: With these new ideas, we can totally revolutionize the way people perceive the Greek life at not only Miami, but on all college campuses.