Bible Pushers by Emma Foltz

Bedford St. Martin’s Digital/Multimedia Writing Award 2011

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Writer’s Reflection

Bible Pushers, the Prezi presentation I completed for English 111, was a visual adaptation of a persuasive essay I wrote on a local issue. Because of my faith, I held the issue at a great importance, which in turn made me work much harder at getting my point across in a clear and entertaining way. This was my first attempt at creating a Prezi. At first, it was difficult. The controls were strange to me, and I felt like I was jumping all over the place. Once I was comfortable with the Prezi site and how everything worked, my presentation seemed to make itself. The paper I had written on the subject, along with all my notes and outlines, made the bulk of my presentation. I turned each paragraph from my paper into a separate box on my Prezi, aligning them in the same order. I arranged pictures and bullet points accordingly, but each box of information was just that, a random box. That is when I got the idea to form a picture of a cross with the boxes—what better way to portray a Christian’s idea. This presentation taught me to be very patient with myself and my writing. As long as I kept trying, good ideas kept coming my way.

Unlike writing another paper, Prezi allowed me to convey to my audience my thoughts and feelings in an interesting and upbeat way. The pictures, facts, and quotes educate my readers, while the movements and animations keep them entertained. This, in turn, allows me to fulfill my purpose: to help street preachers to see a better way of doing their work.


Editorial Team’s Note

In her award-winning Prezi, Emma Foltz has taken a relevant local issue that she has already written about traditionally and remediated it into this online presentation. One might note how Prezi has allowed her to group her main points in ways that can be visually remembered, making use of Prezi’s canvas fully. Each block contains a specific type of evidence, from personal experience and primary research to quantitative surveys, thus building her argument point by point. At the end of the presentation, she even pulls out to show the image of a cross. In what other ways has Prezi allowed Foltz to mold form with content? How do you think different audiences would respond to this Prezi?