The Celiac Problem at Miami—Andrew Fornadel (2023)

Video The Celiac Problem at Miami by Andrew Fornadel Writer’s Reflection This final remediation assignment has been my favorite part of this entire semester. My audience for this assignment has changed over the course of production, but ended up being tailored mainly for the nutrition …

Make Social Media Social Again—Kathryn Clemmons (2021)

Video Make Social Media Social Again by Kathryn Clemmons Writer’s Reflection When creating this project, I was aiming for my audience to consist of teenagers who use social media at Miami University. This audience was difficult to keep consistent, because social media and mental health …

“No More,” Tim Coady (2019) — Inquiry 4

The following links will take you to the video and presentation of the project. On YouTube:  In-class PowerPoint presentation:

Head of the Class (Website) by Ashley Martin

Click on the following link to view the website that accompanies Ashley Martin’s Inquiry 4 project. Her reflection and worksheet can be found in the print version of Rhethawks.

Fears by Ashley Hopes

To see an interesting and thorough multimedia project for the Creative and Critical application, or Inquiry 3, plus view the following link: