“K-Zone Replay,” Tyler Jamison” (2015) — Inquiry 4

You can find Jamison’s website here: http://jamisotw.wix.com/k-zone-replay

I chose to present my inquiry three essay in the form of a website. I felt that this was the best way I could get my message across to people. Building a website people can read at their own pace, while using another medium such as a video, I would have to cram too much information into a short amount of time. Using a website also allows for maximum creativity. With Wix, pretty much anything is possible and it truly was up to me what color to make the text and where to put it. Moreover, there were many decisions that went into the creation of the website. This first of these was the template I choose from the premade ones. I picked one that had a neutral color tone, but I do not think that it will bore the visitor while navigating the site. After I chose this template I started to build the homepage. I wanted the homepage to briefly describe my argument while having links to each of the pages on the website. With these links I again provide a small description of each page and if the reader is interested, then he or she can click on the link to read more. The main visual on the homepage showcases my idea. I thought it was good to put that picture front and center because the visitor can see exactly what I am going for right away. Also on the homepage, the reader can click on a link that will bring up a video. This shows the viewer how this technology is used during a live game.

Furthermore, I choose the three main parts of my essay to comprise the three pages of the website. The order these appear on the website are in a very logical and chronological order. First, I discussed the history of instant replay being used in the MLB. Before I introduced my argument, I wanted to describe to the viewer where the game of baseball stood with this technology. There are three videos embedded within this page. The first shows where replay originated from, and the visitor can click to read more about this rule. The second video is an example of why the replay the game implemented last year was needed. Once again, there is a link to an article with more information on the subject. Finally, the last video represents an example of where the game is today with technology. A link is given to the full detailed list of rules for instant replays in Major League Baseball.

The next page discusses my argument and describes the logos and practicality of it. The picture show example of the technology being used by a website or a television station. At the bottom, there is a specific example where my idea would have helped in the playoffs of this year. I have a link to the original article if the reader wants to obtain more information. The final page brings up counter arguments to this concept. The first one about the authenticity I wrote more of it on the website itself. I did this because I pulled from a couple articles to obtain that information. As for the time of the game, that came from one article. Thus, I gave a brief summary and provided a link to the full document.

Moreover, on the resource tab, I provided all of the links and videos used throughout the website. I did this for any technical difficulties, or the reader can go here and find more information on my topic. Also, at the bottom of every page, I attached a link to my original document. If they are into reading, he or she can download the word document and have all of the information in one place.

There is not much else I can do to distribute my project. Wix allows anyone to view this website. So, when people search something that relates to this website, it will show up in their search. Hopefully he or she will click on it and give it a read through.

The strengths of my project include fluidity and appeal. I think people who visit this site will enjoy it because it is easy to navigate. They can easily see where everything is located and is a short click away. Also, the videos and pictures that are used throughout will keep them engaged and on the website. Conversely, one of the main weaknesses would be the amount of words I have on some page. To someone who is interested in the idea of expanding instant replay, the paragraphs will make sense and be easy to read. But to others, they could come off as a bore. So if I had more time, I would work to combat this problem. I would revise, revise, and revise the pages to make the words even less formal, and I want to find a way to shorten them while still maintaining their purpose and power.