“Labeling GMOs: A Public Issue,” Kayle Pasterz (2013) — Inquiry 4

Writer’s Reflection

Creating this website for Inquiry four was a lot of fun! I enjoyed creating a website that was useful and interesting. I based Inquiry four off of my GMO paper for inquiry three. I had so much information on this subject compared to my other papers and this gave me the opportunity to take my paper and make it into a useful source. I made a few rhetorical choices throughout the process of creating this website. The first rhetorical choice was the color choices throughout the entire website. The whole idea behind No GMO is the idea of organic and earthy, so I wanted the reader of the website to feel “Green and Earthy”. Another rhetorical choice was the resource tabs. The idea behind the website and my last paper was getting educated. I made the tabs interactive so people had options of what they wanted to look at. For example, on the Learn More tab I gave interesting articles that relate to the subject. On the About page I took interesting parts of my paper and put them into an eye appealing page, and even gave the people an option to read my very own paper. Another rhetorical choice was the GMO paragraph on the first page. As you may have noticed there are bolded, underlined and larger printed words. I wanted to catch the attention of someone by them seeing one word and wonder, “What?!” It’s hard to get someone to read a small printed and lengthy paragraph, so I decided to make it eye appealing and catchy. Everything on this page was a rhetorical choice, and strategically placed. I believe that I did well on this Inquiry. I had really good feedback from the class. I hope you enjoyed and learned a little something also!