“MiaME,” Maria Pappas (2016) — Inquiry 5



You can download a PDF here: 28084097_reflective_portfolio_maria_pappas

Although this class was an English course, I also think this class served as a self reflection. This inquiry is an opportunity to convey the reflective nature of the course. In addition, writing, language, and literature all serve as sources of self reflection. Initially, for the collage, I planned to create an image of my reflecting self in a body of water. The collage of sentences from my past writings would create the image of myself. Then, I decided I wanted to incorporate Miami into the inquiry. I planned on placing the sentences within the Miami “M” with myself standing in the middle, but I thought I could be more simple, but also more symbolic of my future journey. I decided to create the collage and this essay in a book format, like the “chapters” of my future years at Miami. The sentences are composed of my writing from free write prompts, response posts, and inquiries. The chapter is number 18. The eighteen is symbolic of my age and the eighteen years of preparation for college and choosing my future career.

I chose these sentences and this material because I wanted to create a journey of my future years in college with an underlying message to myself. The collage also serves as a reflection for what I have learned in this short first semester of college at Miami.

The font is Times New Roman. I decided to use the MLA standard font to symbolize the structure and professionalism college provides its students. I changed each “m” to the Miami block “m.” After I completed my four years of college here at Miami, Miami and the university will undoubtedly be a large part of my identity and the chapters in my book. The numbers at the bottom of each page symbolize my years at Miami. Each page of sentences communicates a message I have already learned in college and messages that I know I will consistently learn about/from in the years to come. The dividers between the pages are arrows. There are more arrows pointing up than pointing down. This symbolizes that there will be ups and downs in college, but in the end, it will be a positive and successful four years. The arrows on the top and bottom of the pages are also important. Throughout my journey, these arrows will remind me to look forward, but I also need to remember where I came from and my past. The red, black, and white colors of this chapter in my book symbolize the colors of Miami. I am now apart of this university and I want to make an impact on the lives of others at college and also everyday in my career/life.

I want my audience to take away several messages from my collage. I want the viewer to analyze the text and symbolism behind the pages in the book and apply it to his/her own journey. The four most important messages I want the audience to take away from the pages are: “All of us, whether old or young, can make a difference in the lives of others by giving our personal best in the areas of time, talents, and treasures,” “Sometimes, people do not like seeing you perform better/do better than them. It is important to rise above that immaturity and recognize those are not people you want in your life,” “I think art and self expression can communicate the most complex ideas in simple ways,” and lastly, make a difference in the lives of others.

My college is a complete reflection of what I have taken away from this class. Language and writing allow us to self reflect, and this self reflection prompted me to transition to veganism, allowed me to reflect on my future career, and helped me analyze my relationships with the people in my life.