America’s Idol Weebly Website by Molly Babbington

I plan to create a satire based off of the TV series, American Idol. Specifically, I am going to base it off of their website. American Idol is one of the more popular TV series of the Era. With over 3 million viewers per week, it touches all parts of the nation.  It is a show designed to displays united states talent, in hopes of discovering one “American Idol”. The show attempts to demonstrate the talent and highlight peoples strengths. However, I think it does a better job of giving attention to people’s weaknesses and provides immense levels of humiliation.

The entire show does a lot of work with the idols “identities”. Once people are narrowed down, they spend large parts of the show discussing if the Idols fit Americas mold. And in addition, if he/she does not- they make suggestions and efforts towards changing that identity to fit the mold. They have judges who criticize and are not afraid to share their opinion. I find it disturbing how the moment a contestant leaves the room or get’s off the stage- the judges will ramble about their opinions, often times very negative, as if they aren’t sharing these opinions with the entire nation.

The main issues I have with the American Idol series is the idea that you cannot be yourself to be loved and wanted by the nation. Essentially, it gives off the impression that you have the change and look/act a certain way to be perceived as an “idol’. Although this is a theme that stretches throughout many areas in society, American Idol highlights that concept and makes it seem acceptable to viewers.

With all that said, I plan to create a website as my satire. Based off the actual American Idol website, I will spend some time analyzing the page and re-working it to best prove my point. I hope to give the audience a different angle and approach to the show. Although I think it is an entertaining series, I feel that viewers are often times so focused and seeing who becomes a winner- they do not pay enough attention to the impact it is making on these contestants along the way.

My satire will be directed towards all American Idol viewers as well as the FOX network. I think it is important that the people who create and produce the show, understand the impression it can make on others. In order to fully appreciate and understand the satire, people will need to be familiar with the series and have an understanding of what the show is about. However, aside from that, this satire will be able to be understood and appreciated by all eyes.

In regards to organization on the website, I plan to spend a lot of time trying to make it look similar to the actual American Idol webpage, yet with my own message. I think the more similar it can look- the more the audience will identify with the dilemma and relate to the message.  I hope to show some before and after photos of past contestants, as well as highlight the contestants that American Idol has spent some time making fun of. Currently, their entire website discussing all the “up and coming” artists and talented/excited fans. I simply plan to flip this around and create a 180 view that demonstrates all the artists they have shut down, and the lives that have been negatively impacted through the show.