Not So Desperate After All by Danielle Antony

Writer’s Reflection

I really enjoyed doing this inquiry overall. I think that by having so much freedom with how we were able to present the project, not only made the project more interesting, but also more challenging as well. Not having strict guidelines gave me the opportunity to be creative with my presentation and how I connected my text to identity.

Analyzing Desperate Housewives made me really look deeper into the show and realize how it actually does correlate to different types of women. I believe I did a good job of splitting the characters up to show how individually they represent a certain identity for viewers. I also believe I did a good job of tying the whole show together as a whole, like with Wisteria Lane, how they symbolize identity as well.

I believe, overall, my presentation was executed very well in a way that is eye catching and intriguing for the viewer. The way I separated each character’s description, identity, and relation to real life issues created a well-rounded interpretation of each one. I think that by splitting up each character synopsis with either a quote/moral of the show or a clip analysis from a particular episode keeps the reader interested and also goes more in depth of the identity that is in the show.

One thing I do wish I would have done differently when looking at my final project, is adding a short reflection of the short quotes I included in between the pages. By doing this I think it would have completed my thoughts more, however, I initially added each quote because I thought they were good representations of the four main character’s identity as a whole. Reviewing it now I can see how that intention is not very clear.

Again, overall, the freedom of this inquiry allowed a lot of opportunity to be creative and challenged me to interpret identity in a different way. I enjoyed analyzing a text more familiar to me. I am very happy with my final project.


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