“Research Blog and Proposal on What Makes Charities Successful,” Brittany Anderson (2012) — Inquiry 3

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In my paper, I am going to address people who have been intrigued about getting involved in a charity, or activists. My Inquiry will address what drives people to donate to charities, and how some charities are more successful than others. The goals of my Inquiry are to convince the young audience influenced by the Kony video to evaluate the propaganda put out by the organization, as well as investigate the organization itself. These organizations include local all types of charities who procure donations from supporter and give them to a group they have devoted to help. By informing readers why it is important to understand the effects of the campaigns created by charities have on their willingness to act, they will better be able to make a decision about supporting a cause. My thesis is going to be that contrary to some beliefs, charities are not successful because of the use of the “white savior complex”, the belief that white people are superior and have a duty to save those they deem lesser, but of well-designed campaigns that resonate on an emotional level with viewers.

When making my web-text, I plan on bringing in a lot of images relevant to the research I have found about what makes a successful charity campaign. I will also follow the examples of an effective PowerPoint I saw in the online lectures. This means minimal, yet effective text on each slide, as well as a uniform color scheme that is neat and orderly throughout.

My research has focused on what makes a charity successful, and the effects a charity can have on the people they are trying to help. The research I have gathered supports my thesis that charities are not successful because of the racist/supremacist notion of the “white man’s burden”, but of a well constructed appeal primarily to the viewers’ emotions. I plan on citing studies that determine what images are most effective in getting people to donate, as well as citing examples of how poor choices of images in a campaign can create problems for both the charity and people represented.